An argument against racial profiling essay

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An argument against racial profiling essay

Select network Racial profiling has become a significant part of law enforcement within the United States and across the world in these times. The purpose of this sample reflective essay provided by Ultius is to delve into the contemporary issue of greater depth and tease out some of the implication inherent within the practice.

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This essay will be organized into five main parts. The first part will consist of an elucidation of the concept of racial profiling itself. Then, the second part will proceed to some of the prominent ways in which racial profiling works within the United States today.

Next, the third part will discuss the argument in favor of racial profiling, and the fourth part will discuss the argument against racial profiling.

Finally, the fifth part will consist of a critical reflection on whether racial profiling should continue within the United States, as well as whether it is possible for the practice to not continue. Reflective essay on racial profiling: This is in accordance with the definition of the practice provided by the American Civil Liberties Union: In general, racial profiling has been conceptualized within the United States has both a civil rights issue on the one hand and a pragmatic issue on the other.

At the level of civil rights, it is potentially problematic for a person to be targeted with special law enforcement attention simply because of his demographic characteristics.

An argument against racial profiling essay

And at the level of pragmatism, it can potentially hinder the practice of law enforcement itself. As the National Institute of Justice has written: Racial profiling can cause multiple problems.

Several law enforcement agencies have gone through expensive litigation over civil rights concerns. Police-citizen relations in those communities have been strained, making policing all the more challenging. Racial profiling works in different ways depending on the specific historical or cultural context in question within a given society.

For example, during World War II, people of Japanese and German origins were targeted by racial profiling, due to the fact that the United States was at war with the nations of Japan and Germany. Japanese-Americans were rounded up and placed in internment camps after the bombing of Pearl Harbor.

Today, people of Japanese origins are generally viewed as a relatively harmless security threat by law enforcement. People of German origins have more or less been simply assimilated to the overarching racial category of Caucasian, along with the Irish who were largely discriminated against in the infancy of the U.Racial profiling is a contentious issue in US law enforcement policy.

An argument against racial profiling essay

The practice of using race as a part of a profile when attempting to identify . Write an essay that presents your opinion on racial profiling. Begin with a debatable thesis statement.

Then follow the guidelines for writing an argument essay. Essay on An Argument Against Racial Profiling Words 4 Pages When people act on their stereotypical views, that is when stereotyping becomes a big concern and can affect caninariojana.comtyping is the main cause that leads to profiling.

Dec 17,  · The Year of Outrage Slate tracked what everyone was outraged about every day in Explore by clicking the tiles below, and then scroll . Argument Essay Racial Profiling. Topics: Race and Ethnicity, who supports racial profiling, and David A. Harris, a law professor and a leading authority on racial profiling, who argues against racial profiling.

Johnson suggests that racial. Angela - 6/29/ The history behind racial profiling, according to your article, is very unclear. There is no evidence to support your claim or a date for that matter.

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