Annie oklie research paper

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Annie oklie research paper

Butler Annie Oakley Summary Information: She won numerous medals for her marksmanship, performed for royalty, and remains a legendary figure of the American West.

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Called Annie by her sisters, she was the sixth of seven children born to Susan Moses. Inher father died of pneumonia. Her mother, unable to support her children, sent Annie to the live at the Darke County Infirmary—the county poor house—when she was 9 years old.

When she was about 10, she agreed to become a servant of sorts—helping with a baby and household chores—for another local farming family. She returned home to her mother not long after. Her mother had remarried and had another child, but her husband had died, leaving her to fend for herself and her children alone again.

Annie Gets Her First Gun Annie, who had first shot a gun at a very young age before she was sent away, ended up supporting the family by hunting and trapping when she returned. She could shoot quail and pheasants in the head, keeping the edible portions of the birds entirely free of buckshot.

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She sold the game to locals in Greenville, Ohio, and to hotels and restaurants in the area, and built a reputation as an excellent shot.

A local hotel owner arranged a shooting match between Frank and Annie on Thanksgiving Day. Frank was surprised to learn his opponent was a five-foot-tall, year-old girl— who beat him after he missed on his 25th shot. They began a courtship and eventually married.

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There is disagreement over the dates of their first meeting and their marriage; they may have wed as early asbut their only known marriage certificate is in Windsor, Canada, and is dated June 20, Various reasons have been given for the discrepancies, including the possibility that Frank was not yet legally divorced from his first wife when he and Annie wed.

Frank immediately recognized that Annie had a bigger draw and began to showcase her as the main act, acting more as a manager than as a fellow performer.

He asked to see her after the show. Her charisma and her skill with many firearms endeared audiences to her and to the show. At 90 feet, she could shoot a dime or a cork out of a bottle or snuff out candle flames.

Cody often asked Annie to talk to Sitting Bull when he became upset, but her presence and cajoling were ultimately not enough to keep him touring, and he returned to Standing Rock. In early May, they gave several special performances for the royal family.

During the performance for Queen Victoria on May 11, the queen rose and bowed deeply when the American flag came into the arena—it was the first time a British monarch had saluted the American flag and the members of the show roared their approval.

The show stayed in London until October, giving over performances that helped Annie hone her showmanship. The London newspapers gave her very favorable press for her shooting skills and began to embellish her western background.

The show returned to Europe for two more tours in andincluding another performance for Queen Victoria in Annie and Frank bought a house in Nutley, New Jersey, which they lived in between the tours that typically took them to about towns each season.

Edison turned the films into nickelodeons—the public could go to Kinetoscope parlors and, for a nickel, see Annie shoot.

On October 29,the show members were traveling north in North Carolina to the final performance of the season in Danville, Virginia. Because of a misunderstanding at the switching station, the second train, the one Annie and Frank were on, ran head-on into a southbound train.

Around this time, her hair had begun to turn white as well, which was an obvious liability for a performer. In retirement, Annie tried her hand at acting again, appearing in a play called The Western Girl inwearing a wig to conceal her hair.

She also began giving shooting lessons at exclusive shooting clubs. Cody asked Annie to join his show, but Annie refused, although she did tour some with another show untilwhen she retired for good.Introduction of research paper - Receive an A+ grade even for the hardest essays.

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Annie oklie research paper

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