District wide writing assessment rubric

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District wide writing assessment rubric

Central Dauphin School District utilizes a variety of assessment techniques to measure student progress towards state standards. These measures include internal and external assessments.

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Classroom-based assessments include a variety of measures such as unit tests, chapter tests, performance tasks, products, portfolios, written work, Rubrics and observation checklists. District-Based Assessments - These assessments are evaluative measures that are common across a grade level and provide diagnostic information for both individual students and groups of students.

These assessments allow administrators, teachers and specialists to plan appropriate district-wide measures to improve opportunities for all students to achieve acceptable performance academic standards. These district-based assessments include a variety of measures such as integrated language arts assessment, project read, pre- and post-assessment, final exams, writing samples and performance tasks.

State assessment reports are analyzed by administration and building-based teams. These results are used to determine instructional adjustments in order that all children may achieve satisfactory or exemplary performance in achieving state standards.

This norm reference achievement test is used to measure both student and group progress on standards and to gather diagnostic information pertaining to individual students and groups of students. All assessment results are utilized by a variety of professional staff to improve instructional opportunities for students within Central Dauphin School District.

The professional development committee is advised of assessment results for the purpose of planning appropriate inservices. District teams led by assistant superintendents, director of pupil services and department chairs have responsibilities for assuring that students achieve standards at proficient and distinguished levels.

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To identify curriculum and instruction needs, group assessment results are reviewed annually by department teams. Teachers, administration, students and community are actively involved in this process.

district wide writing assessment rubric

The grade level, Instructional Support and Special Education teams address the needs of individual students. At the secondary level, educators and parents initially make referrals to the counselors and recommendations are made and implemented. At the elementary level, referrals are initially made to the Instructional Support Team by teachers and parents.

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Additionally, assessment information is reviewed and used for placement depending on score. The administrative team in conjunction with department chairs and staff addresses group assessment implementation and results. Responsibilities are as follows: Review and make recommendations regarding the purchase and implementation of assessments.

Review Stanford 9 Assessments and results and identify annual performance targets. Review the Pennsylvania State System Alternate Assessment and results and identify annual performance targets.

Review the Pennsylvania Alternate System Assessment and results and identify annual performance targets.

Provide annual reports about external assessment results to the school board and the community.

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Any assessment related training is facilitated through the Professional Educational Plan.The Elk Grove Unified School District (EGUSD) created Common Core State Standards-aligned writing rubrics as a resource to assist teachers with this work.

These rubrics are intended to help in instructional planning and to provide guidance in assisting students with the writing process.

Teaching/Writin ourna ritin each ucation Summer/Fal 42 43 Making the Most of Existing Resources: An Online Rubric Database in University-wide Writing Program Assessment. •District Assessment based on CORE Curriculum Results of district wide Standardized tests can not be the soul source of evaluating a student’s progress.

At best the scores can reveal strengths and weaknesses in a school system. Writing Known Word Assessment Michigan. Appendix D: Sample Elementary Classroom Rubrics and Checklists Appendix D1: Writing This writing rubric is intended to be used in daily practice by teachers and students.

It provides a My writing is enhanced through a wide range of conventions. The timeline identifies typical district-wide expectations for general education (universal screening, multiple grade-level benchmark assessments, report cards and periodic assessment, state testing, and end-of-year testing.

The district literacy goal is to have continuous improvement of at least 10 percent more students each year meeting and exceeding the standard on the state assessment in 4th grade and 8th grade, with a 10 percent drop each year in the percentage of students failing to meet the standard over the next five years.

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