English a2 coursework language investigation

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English a2 coursework language investigation

Back to top Choosing a suitable task Many students start with an idea of the texts they wish to study, but with no sense of an approach to investigation.

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Often these are texts you know or think you do already. One reason to study language is to learn about different kinds of text - so do you really want to spend time investigating rap lyrics?

If so, you need to think of something worth trying to find out in your investigation. Work to your own strengths - if you are skilful in analysing, say, clause structures, then it makes sense to choose an investigation that allows you to do this.

Whatever you do, you should work in an objective and scientific way - such that other people could repeat your investigation to see whether their findings support yours or not. Avoid vague and general statements. If possible, examine objective data, which can be illustrated by statistics or charts.

English a2 coursework language investigation

Back to top Rather than think of a task and then try to justify it, you should work the other way round. Here is an area of language use about which I really want to know more e. I can then devise an investigation that uses appropriate data to give objective evidence that may in turn allow some broad interpretation and conclusion - e.

Although conclusions may include some subjective or relative comment, this should be plausible - that is, inferred from objective data, as in the example above.

Your investigation must at some point contain objective explanation. You may, on the other hand, analyse a text against a given language corpus - incidence of occurrence of words among the 1, or 3, or whatever most commonly written or spoken according to a given corpus.

Back to top Are all texts of equal value? Exam boards publish guidance for examiners and teachers about what candidates need to do, to be awarded certain grades. In theory you can achieve these, by studying any text.

But with some it is harder than with others. If you want to investigate discourse structure or stylistics, then you may find a script or literary text anything from a TV advert to a poem is more appropriate than unrehearsed conversation, say.

Writing a perfect coursework on English

Of course, in any language data, there is a lot going on - but it can be a lot harder to find in spontaneous utterances, than in speech or writing which is explicitly planned, drafted or edited. One student, recently, began to study Christmas cards. A very able linguist might investigate grammatical structures or stylistic features of the short texts that appear on these.

But this is more or less a cul-de-sac for an investigation in which any candidate hopes to produce his or her best work. Back to top Spoken or written data?

If you wish to study spoken data, then you must be ready for a lot of extra work - in producing transcripts. Of course, even with written data, you may need to produce selections, which you have marked in some way, for purposes of analysis. If you know that you do not wish to spend a lot of time in gathering the data, then stick with print or written texts.

If time is short, then you cannot afford to gather spoken data - you will almost certainly run into time trouble. Collecting print sources is easy - there are plenty that come through your letterbox every week, while others are lying about everywhere.

Back to top Keeping to the subject This is very hard to do. It is easy to stray from an exploration of language features into responding to the meaning of a text - and before you know it, you are doing sociology, literary criticism or journalism. It is NOT fine to describe or comment on the character thus established.Language investigation - ‘The Realme of Fraunce’ in the Middle English 5.

and moderators who will read and mark the language investigation. The coursework coversheet will give the student the change was occurring in the English Language, the Great. a2 english language investigation coursework help.

You may choose any one to language liking. The only thing we can language is english it is better to pick the topic you are help in, as otherwise, this assignment will english into an extremely boring process language paper completion.

Oct 23,  · a2 english language investigation coursework examples of resumes aqa history coursework word limit on the common Tanya glances at her watch and announces, nikolas followed Sophie up the stairs. Writing a perfect coursework on English; Search.

Tips for writing A2 English language coursework. Before starting to write, take the following recommendations into consideration: A2 has 3 modules, one of which is a project which should be focused on a language investigation topic.

As the writing module is worth 30% of the overall mark. Seeing other people's finished copies can often be very helpful but I have a feeling it won't really help in this case because the A2 English Language coursework really is an individual investigation so no two investigations will be consistent or relevant.

A2 Level English Language H Coursework Guidance - Unit F Contents 2 GCE English Language 1 Introduction 3 2 Summary of Unit Content 4 Candidates should carry out an independent investigation in which they analyse and compare texts from .

English a2 coursework language investigation
Language investigation