Fun creative writing activities for high school students

Creative Writing Activities I've had several requests to write a page outlining creative writing activities or creative writing exercises for use in a classroom or workshop situation, so this area is for teachers and others who need new challenges and inspiration for their students or workshop participants. Some of them may be adapted for use as online exercises. I hope the creative writing ideas here can also be of use to writers looking for warm up exercises or story starters.

Fun creative writing activities for high school students

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When teaching students about this writing genre, be sure and offer students the opportunity to engage in exciting, fun, and interactive creative writing activities.

Lastly, ensure that every student knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that there are no wrong answers when exploring their own creative writing abilities when doing the types of writing activities outlined below.

So read on and learn about six fabulous creative writing activities you can share with your kids. Students may be hesitant at first to participate in some of these activities, but if they join in on the fun there is no doubt that their creative writing juices will flow!

This is a graphic organizer that includes the important elements of a story such as characters, setting, conflict, event, a solution to the conflict and the ending. A story map is a great tool to help kids give the sequence or outline of their story before they begin the actual writing of it.

Students must fill in the necessary details into the graphic organizer in order to generate their creative story concept. Story maps may be created on paper, or a story map could be created online.

Group Writing Another fun creative writing activity that students can do is to separate into small groups of four or five. Each group is given a paper and pencil.

The teacher then gives the opening sentence of a story. When the teacher gives the go signal, each member consecutively adds a sentence to the paper.

The goal is for the students to use their creative minds and formulate stories on their own all while having fun with their group.


Reading Out Loud It is important to read to those whom we teach. Unfortunately, this activity is often used with younger students only.

Challenge your students especially the older ones to read their original creative writing pieces out loud to each other.

Take this activity a step further and have the kids read their final projects out loud in front of the class. There are sure to be some surprises for all with this activity! Poetry One of the best creative writing activities is to write poems with kids.

The poems need not be long. Novice writers can improve their creative writings skills through learning how to write poems. Students can start with one to two verses at first and may choose to have their poems rhyme if they so desire.

Sharing in this way will aid and guide children on how to create their own poetry. Encourage students to write more verses to hone and further develop their poetry writing skills.

Letter Writing Teachers should also encourage students to write letters and notes. Encourage kids to write letters to their classmates, family, friends, or to their own selves. Add a creative writing angle to this activity by encouraging fictional letters, or letters from their future self or about their wildest dreams.

Teach letter writing basics, and then combine creative imagination to give this activity some extra flair and intrigue! Fairy Tales Students may also be encouraged to discuss among themselves a certain fairy tale. During the discussion, they may want to share their opinions on the characters in the story.

fun creative writing activities for high school students

Make this activity even more creative and encourage kids to retell the story from a different point of view. For example, one student can talk about Snow White from the point of view of the dwarf while another one can discuss the story from the point of view of the Wicked Queen.

Creative writing activities are a wonderful way for students to get in tune with their own thoughts and learn to communicate more effectively, and all good teachers know it is unlikely that a blank paper will do very much to inspire a typical student to write.Fun creative writing activities for high school students Research the scholarship application creative writing in the.

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Concepts taught: five top tips for ways to engage elementary students writing prompts, creative writing . Creative Writing, Page 3 Sacred Cows for High School Creative Writing Students This unit uses stories and information about animals to discuss various themes that deal with human behavior.

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Begin with one student from each group writing on their own. After 5 minutes, have them stop wherever they are mid-sentence, whatever and pass off the paper to the next member of the writing. 5 Fun Creative Writing Activities.

Here are 15 fun public speaking activities that you can do, either by yourself or with a group of people. ≡ Menu. either by yourself or with a group of people or if you are running a class you can use this using with your students as well.

So this is fun because it makes you been creative, it’s very easy to think of these things on. Jennifer was an English teacher in a high school. She also took up several freelance projects for creative writing. Being a professional in her field and having the love for creative writing, Jennifer easily excelled in training people.

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