How to shoot a jump shot

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How to shoot a jump shot

Layup A layup is a two-point attempt made by leaping from the ground, releasing the ball with one hand up near the basket, and using one hand to tip the ball over the rim and into the basket lay-in or banking it off the backboard and into the basket lay-up.

The motion and one-handed reach distinguish it from a jump shot. The layup is considered the most basic shot in basketball. An undefended layup is usually a high-percentage shot. The main challenge is getting near the rim and avoiding blocks by taller defenders who usually stand near the basket.

Common layup strategies are to create space, releasing the ball from different spots or using an alternate hand. A player tall enough or with sufficient leaping ability to reach over the rim might choose to perform a more spectacular and higher percentage slam dunk dropping or throwing the ball through the basket from above the rim instead.

As the game has evolved through the years, so has the layup. Several different versions of the layup are used today. Layups can be broadly categorized into two types: The underarm layup involves using most of the wrist and the fingers to 'lay' the ball into the basket or off the board.

The underarm layup is more commonly known as the finger roll. Finger-rolls today have many forms, including the Around the World which involves a complete circle around the player before the layup and a variety of faking in the approach to the rim.

A classic example is a play by former Kings point guard Jason Williams during his time with Sacramento, in which Williams brings the ball behind his back with his right hand, in a fake of a back pass, and then brings it front again with the same hand for the finish reminiscent of Bob Cousy who pioneered the move.

How to shoot a jump shot

The other layup is the overhand shot, similar to a jump shot but from considerably closer range. Overhand layups almost always involved the use of the backboard. Players like Scottie Pippen and Karl Malone have used this move to great effect.

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In addition, another variation of the lay-up is the wrong-foot layup. Typically, this move can be seen by inexperienced players with poor footwork, however, when done intentionally, a wrong-footed layup can deceive a defender into mistiming his block attempt.

In a normal layup, the left foot is used to step off when laying in with the right hand, and vice versa. However, in a wrong-footed layup, the right foot is used to step off when laying in with the right hand.

This also helps to shield the defender from reaching across to block the shot; in reaching across however, the defender will likely get called for a defensive foul.

Tony Parker of the San Antonio Spurs relies heavily on the wrong footed layup, largely due to his smaller size and deceptive quickness. Isaiah Hicks does a reverse layup at the McDonald's All-American Boys Game A reverse layup is a layup that is finished on the opposite side of the court's split-line, than the player began the attack on.

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Finger roll A finger roll is performed when a player shoots the ball with one hand during a layup and then lifts his fingers, rolling the ball into the basket. The rotation produced provides the ball with a soft touch, and the ball will roll around the rim and then drop into the basket.The How To Shoot A Jump Shot with Plyometric Work Outs and Dwight Howard Vertical Leap Dwight Howard Vertical Leap that Ways To Increase Vertical Jump For Volleyball with Shoes To Help Jump Higher and Dwight Howard Vertical Leap How To Improve Your Volleyball Skills then Do Ankle Weights Make You Jump Higher with Shoes That Make U Jump .

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How to shoot a jump shot

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shot - Traduzione del vocabolo e dei suoi composti, e discussioni del forum. Have you ever wanted to shoot the perfect jump shot? Learning how to shoot the basketball using correct basketball shooting fundamentals, proper basketball shooting mechanics, and good basketball shooting form will help you to improve your basketball playing skills and make you a star on the court like Steve Nash and Ray Allen.

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Make a Basketball Jumpshot Every Time! Using the laws of physics, it's possible to make a jumpshot in basketball every time. That's right, if you stand at some point on the court, and throw the ball up at just the right angle and just the right speed, you can make it every time. Projectile Motion