Outline for current event speech example

Junior and senior high school educators for the purpose of teaching research, writing, and editing skills often assign current events summaries. Below are steps to help you create a current events essay: Choose a reputable news source. Look for a source that offers well-written and well-researched news.

Outline for current event speech example

Current Issues and Events Essay The Essay Since essay writing is at the heart of primary and secondary composition curriculum, this manual will not detail in depth this particular form of discourse. Hundreds of textbooks are available that can outline and describe it far better than we can here.

However, it is important to be reminded that the purpose of the essay is to communicate information. The essay should be clear and to the point, generally constructed as a topic sentence, followed by supporting detail, followed by a concluding sentence that expands the original reference.

Padding an answer with needless repetition, pretentious wording or irrelevant detail will hurt more than help.

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The essay may analyze and interpret, but should not editorialize. Because you will not be allowed to bring research material into the room, your essays will not be as detailed as they might otherwise be.

However, we expect you to be able to recite basic blocks of information. Consider the following prompt: Okay, now think of all the countries whose elections have produced governments not necessarily friendly to the United States.

Here are a few: Do you understand the prompt? What does it mean that these democratic elections have produced governments unfriendly to the U. What are the implications?

Spend at least five minutes outlining your essay and thinking it through. This will add substance and focus and eliminate redundancy. Open with a declarative statement.

Support the opening with specific examples. Work on transitional or directional words. The essay should have a clear, organized, logical order, and information should flow from one idea to the next. No weird allusions or metaphors. No tortured sentence structures. Strive for clarity and depth.

In the aftermath of the invasion of Iraq and the failure to find weapons of mass destruction, the Bush administration has justified the enormous financial, human and diplomatic costs by saying it is spreading secular, liberal, Western-style democracy to people who deserve it and have been denied it.

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No doubt, democracy is rare in the Middle East, and if democratic principles can take root in Iraq, the implications for the rest of the region are profound.

At the same time, free elections in the region and elsewhere in the world can mean more headaches — not fewer — for Washington and the West. For example, free elections in Bolivia and Venezuela have produced leaders generally seen as anti-American.

Of course, the most obvious examples exist in the Middle East. Hamas, which the U. But they were voted into office not to wage war with Israel but to end Fatah corruption, extend social welfare to the poorest Palestinians and achieve basic goals of peace and prosperity.

In Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood scored massive electoral gains, pointing out that free elections anywhere in the Middle East will most likely result in Islamist governments, although not necessarily fundamentalist theocracies.

In Jordan and Morocco, Islamic parties have scored significant political elections.

Outline for current event speech example

In Afghanistan, former Taliban members won numerous seats in the newly-created Parliament. Finally, some question whether in the long run democracy in the region is worth the perils.

The Bush administration must worry that once radical Islamic groups gain power, they will abandon democracy and impose a fundamentalist Muslim theocracy. Certainly, it has happened before. At the same time, the U. Baker of USA Today wrote, "Republicans in the White House and Congress who are facing a host of legal and ethical problems resemble a patient suffering from multiple, but unrelated, ailments who might be able to fight off one affliction but is ultimately killed by the debilitating effects of all of them.

Okay, outline the points you want to make in your essay. Basically, they fall into three groups: The war in Iraq.Try a topical approach. You can write an icebreaker speech that focuses on the events in your life that share a theme.

This is an especially good approach if you’re giving your speech in a context that focuses on a specific issue or theme. View Notes - Current Events Sample Speech Outline #2 from COMM at Ball State University.

Topic: Florida battling Flakka, a new synthetic drug General Purpose: To inform Specific Purpose: To%(1).

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This is the list of current Community and Business Groups. Anyone may join; W3C Membership is not required. However, you must have a W3C account.. Community . Current Event Assignment: Essay format. • For this assignment you are to write at least 2 pages typed, double spaced, and 12 font of Times New Roman.

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