Qspm matrix of nokia

There are a number of alternative strategies and the Quantitative Strategic Planning Matrix QSPM can be used to objectively evaluate the most suitable strategy among the list of all the alternative strategies.

Qspm matrix of nokia

Unilever is one of the world's leading suppliers of fast moving consumer goods across Foods and Home and Personal Care categories. Unilever's portfolio includes some of the world's best known and most loved brands.

As the consumer base expanded over the years and the Company entered into new product lines like Personal Products and Margarine, it invested further in the installation of modern manufacturing facilities including a factory at Karachi.

Today, the Company is using latest state-of-the-art technology for producing high quality products. Overview of Unilever Pakistan Ltd. The company had a turnover of Rs. Accountable to our stakeholders: Since the time Unilever Pakistan began its operations inthe Company has been closely connected to the Pakistani people and its brands have been an integral feature in their daily lives.

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In fact, the nature of our business enables our brands to be the pulse and heartbeat of the million people in Pakistan. This is a huge commitment, which makes us responsible and accountable to all our stakeholders and society as a whole and strengthens our resolve to: Make a positive difference to the lives of low income consumers Create new opportunities for growth Improve the overall quality of life in Pakistan, by promoting education, nutrition, health and hygiene.

Qspm matrix of nokia

Listed in Karachi Stock Exchange. Unilever Pakistan has 32 products as per its website. Head office is in Karachi. During the year ended December 31,the Company produced 48, metric tons of home and personal care products out of its annual capacity of 60, metric tons.

Qspm matrix of nokia

Annual earnings equaled The directors are pleased to present the financial statements for the nine months ended September 30, Nine months ended September 30 Decision stage requires Quantitative Strategic Planning Matrix (QSPM) to define the alternative strategy.

Alternative means the other strategy beside the strategy has been resulted in matching stage. In QSPM, the strategy and its alternative should be related each other. The Nokia is a GSM mobile phone announced in February and released in October It was the first mobile phone to run Series 40 and to come with a WAP browser.

matrix BCG matrix Nokia’s IFE total weighted scores are while are EFE thus, it falls under the 1st quadrant. It shows a GROW AND BUILD strategy.

This means that it should focus on market penetration, market development, and product development. The Quantitative Strategic Planning Matrix These inputs are used to evaluate the relative (QSPM) helps us address this question 3 3 3 4 0. we need to base our decision The relative importance of each of these critical success factors 4 0.

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para depois. salvar. Relacionados. Informações. Introduction• Quantitative Strategic Planning Matrix (QSPM) is a high-level strategic management approach for evaluating possible strategies• QSPM provides an analytical method for comparing feasible alternative actions• The QSPM method falls within so-called stage 3 .

Quantitative Strategic Planning Matrix (QSPM)