Research paper on philosophy of nursing

How to Write a Summary of an Article? Philosophy of Nursing Abstract: This paper explores the personal nursing philosophy I plan to convey in my nursing career.

Research paper on philosophy of nursing

A person to me is an individual, families, and communities in all ages and backgrounds that are in need of nursing care. A person is a sick patient in the hospital in need of nursing care to promote healing and maintain health.

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The patients are surrounded by their environment, internal and external. We will write a custom essay sample on Philosophy of Nursing or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not Waste HIRE WRITER Internal environment is their biophysiological self and their families while the external environment are things in the space that surrounds their physical present such as lightening, cleaningness, and temperature of their room, in addition to culture, religion, community, financial and health insurance needs.

Butts and Rich pg For example, a fairly independent patient that is unable to reach the call bell slid on a wet floor and breaks his hip.

Health is not the absent nor presence of a disease, but it is the absent of illness and a complete maintenance of the physical, mental, and social wellbeing. It is promoted and maintained by the nurse in a holistic manner.

Health is when a patient is satisfied with his or her wellbeing, can manage those symptoms that exacerbate illness, and have the adaptive abilities to maintain health from the nurses support on health promotion education on managing those environmental factors that affect health.

Butts and rich Caring is a beautiful art known to be the first step in the healing process. Butts and Rich Separating their personal and professional values will help reinforce this belief.

How to Figure Out Your Personal Philosophy of Nursing - Nursing Education Expert

In all honesty, the nurse should view the patients as a whole, focusing on the physiological, psychological, and spirituality when providing a comprehensive data collection to treat and maintain wellness.

Due to the fact that nurses decided to become a nurse, they are obligated to provide care base on the moral commitment as reflected by the Code of Ethics for Nursing. I am a registered nurse in a long term acute care hospital caring for patients on ventilator, tracheostomy, wounds care, sepsis and IV antibiotic therapy, diabetics on insulin drips, tube feeds, etc.

When it comes to my professional responsibilities, my patients come first. Patients and families satisfaction is my number one priority. The patients are viewed through the holistic approach, addressing their mental, physical, and social needs.

Research paper on philosophy of nursing

And their healing is foster by applying compassion, help, listening, monitoring, mentoring, coaching, teaching, exploring, being present, supporting, touching, intuition, empathy, service, cultural competence, tolerance, acceptance, nurturing, and conflict resolution.

Scope of Standard of Practice. I do belief that satisfying the patients and their families results to a huge benefit in the advancement of their healing process. Satisfying patients begins by creating a trustful nurse-patient relationship. Trust has been related to better healthcare outcome.

Brodsky-Israeli and Ganz This has been proven to increased discharges, reduced length of stay and of cause reduced cost and readmission.

Research paper on philosophy of nursing

I do belief in teamwork. Healthcare has become one of the biggest business industries in our capitalist society. Competition with one other is crucial among these organizations. Therefore, providing quality nursing care with the use of scientific and evidence base practice results to a better patient outcome, shorter hospitalization period which subsequently reduces healthcare cost, increased patient referral, as well as increase chances for returning to the organization in the future when needed.

Milutinovic et al I do belief in rules and regulations. The intensions of my professional values and beliefs are to promote cost effective quality nursing care, patient satisfaction, disease prevention and health maintenance, in addition to personal professional growth. Patients comes first and view as a whole using the holistic approach to care for in collaboration with other health care professional to provide satisfaction.

And to do this in such a way as to help him gain independence as rapidly as possible.Nursing philosophy paper. Philosophy is defined because the study of your basic nature of know-how, reality, and existence specifically when considered as an academic discipline Open/Close Menu.

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In order to define my personal philosophy of nursing, I will address some of the key concepts of my theory, the four meta-paradigms of nursing, the nursing process, the application of my philosophy to my present nursing practice, research, administrations, and .

” Nursing profession is in existence as a requirement to provide care for humans. Caring is a beautiful art known to be the first step in the healing process. Butts and Rich ().

That being said, it is the nurse’s responsibility to provide compassionate nursing care to patients, families, and communities of all kind in a non judgmental fashion. May 29,  · The philosophy of nursing goes a step beyond defining the role of nursing in society.

The philosophy of nursing is concerned with how nursing activities are done, and what elements guide the practice of nursing. Definition And Philosophy Of Nursing Introduction to Professional Nursing NB / Wanda Burns Definition and Philosophy of Nursing As new nurses, it is important to determine your own definition and philosophy of nursing.

We need these to decide who we will be as professional nurses. Nursing Philosophy Research Paper delves into an order placed on a nursing topic with two parts one is the values and beliefs of the nurse and the second part is a creatice section.

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