Social case analysis

Reading and Case Study Analysis for Social Work Reading and Case Study Analysis for Social Work Professor Betty Kramer, Social Work The purpose of this initial assignment is to demonstrate your understanding of the readings and your ability to apply course content to the mental health challenges faced by an elder and their family. Review lecture notes from Week 1 and all required readings for Week 1 and Week 2. Read the attached case study.

Social case analysis

Coordinated Care Systems Macro Case Mapledale School System Prevention Case They have lived in the U.

He worked as a machine worker in a factory for five years before being recently "laid off. Olivares works as a housekeeper for a family. Olivares complains that his wife has recently started "to nag" him about his drinking. He admits that during the last few months he has increased his intake of alcohol, but denies that this is a problem for him, as he drinks "only on the weekends, and never during the week.

Olivares and his wife speak of the difficulties they experience in living in the U. Neither speaks much English. Olivares admits to being quite worried about his previous lay off, adding that he didn't want to "let the family down" in his responsibilities.

As a result, he works long days in order to make ends meet. His weekend drinking is, for him, his way of relaxing, which he feels that he deserves. Identify and sort through the relevant facts presented by the Olivares. Identify the problems, issues, concerns that arise with the Olivares.

How would you classify Mr. Identify the positive and strengths aspects of the Olivares' situation. Analyze the issues in terms of knowledge presented in the training modules. Use training materials to develop a list of options and an initial plan of action for social work intervention with the Olivares.

Identify any additional information, research knowledge, and resources that are needed to develop and select options; identify ways to gather what you need; gather what you can.

Develop a strategy for social work practice with the Olivares.

Social case analysis

Be sure that you have a concrete and specific strategy for how you would address alcohol-related issues with the Olivares. Consider what kinds of reactions you might expect from each of the Olivares, and develop a plan for how to respond to them. What kinds of referrals in your practice community would you make and why?

What are the intervention goals? Does the Olivares' original nationality matter to the case? Discuss implications for community intervention, prevention planning, social policy reform, and advocacy that are associated with the Olivares' situation. CASEY Casey, a year-old Caucasian woman, is seeking counseling for anxiety and depression that she attributes to problems in her current relationship.

She and her partner have been having an increasing number of arguments recently, typically about Casey's behavior when they go out and about Casey drinking too much.

In response to questions about her use of substances, Casey describes herself as a "social drinker. She began drinking regularly times per week and heavily to intoxication at the age of 13, usually in the company of an older cousin or school friends.Social Work Case Study- How I Applied Social Work Skills through Sessions with Mother and Son Words | 11 Pages.

Introduction Being aware of oneself as a social worker is imperative if one plans to be an effective and competent social worker. In this paper, I will examine an interesting case study that I found important to discuss.

On one hand, I will scrutinize the details of this case. case study, evidence-based social work practice, validity and reliability, evaluation Case studies in social work have great value in building emergent knowledge, bridging the ongoing challenge of.

Each case involves the integration of content across modules, and may be revisited throughout the course of training. The cases present issues encountered in social work practice related to the prevention and treatment of alcohol use disorders.

Case Study 2: Social Media Management for Forever Diamonds Forever Diamonds is a jewelry company located in Georgia’s Lenox Mall. The owner, Malik, was looking for ways to . SAMPLE SOCIAL CASE STUDY REPORT Family Background: with a live-in partner-Male, 19 Mother, 34, lives in Samar Step Father, lives with her mother in Samar Biological Father-unknown age and location She is Deviant .

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