The mall has become the major hangout for teenagers

I will be organizing this much better as time goes on. So good, so long. Big C - liquor lounge was torn down on University to build the Target. They moved just the liquor store across the street.

The mall has become the major hangout for teenagers

October 7th, at 5: Below are a few of the key elements that will be addressed when modernizing what was the largest mall in the country when its doors opened in Gateway Pedestrian Entrance The company previously announced its intention to create a new gateway pedestrian entrance on NE Multnomah Street directly across from Holladay Park and the adjacent light rail station.

Spiral Staircase Once inside the new entrance, shoppers will be greeted by a grand spiral staircase spanning all three levels of the shopping center. Lloyd Center patrons will recall the original iconic spiral staircase that served the shopping center until and connected the second and third levels.

This staircase acts as the gateway to Center Court in the heart of the mall. In this case, the new look will entail uncovering and restoring the pre-cast terrazzo portal that had been concealed during an earlier renovation of the mall.

This high-quality material denotes the clean, simple lines of its day while restoring a key entrance component to the mall.

Keeping with the Mid-Century Modern design approach, this strategy incorporates a found piece of history that stimulates a sense of nostalgia through the use of key, classic building materials from the s.

Both the Halsey Street and northeast mall entrances include additional transom glass and updated storefronts allowing for more natural light to enter the mall, as well as improve pedestrian visibility into the mall concourse.

Southeast Mall Entrance At the southeast corner of the mall, near Sears, the existing entrance will be refreshed. Continuing the theme of clean, crisp and illuminated lines, the entrance will raise the ceiling, making it more prominent. The existing Salmon Fountain will be restored and showcased with new lighting, making this entrance a beacon within the existing ground-floor parking garage from Multnomah Boulevard.

A new carpet pattern will be introduced on the second and third levels, as well as inset among tiling on the ground floor. The pattern will be simple, clean and sharp, thus reducing the excessive ornament and visual noise of the existing scheme.

The ground floor tile will be textural in its appearance and provide a more uniform light color. New benches and soft seating, along with planters and other fixtures, will supplement the common areas to create a comfortable environment for guests and provide opportunities to pause and watch the activities of the shoppers.

The east and west concourses will feature updated wood-capped glass handrails. Excessive ornamentation will be removed from the guardrails to promote the clean, simple line of the railing.

Lighting enhancements within the center will highlight the new design with crisp and clean LED technology. Bulky sconces found on columns along the second level will be replaced with LED inset fixtures behind frosted glass incorporated into the columns.

Concourse hallways leading from Center Court will feature new up-lighting, making them far brighter and appealing.

Center Court will feature new overhead lighting mounted to theatrical trusses for ease of maintenance and updating. Lloyd Center officials are working with representatives from the Oregon Department of Energy ODOE and the Energy Trust of Oregon to achieve deeper reductions in energy use that would not be possible otherwise.

Lloyd Center has continually made energy improvements over the years, but this upgrade will finally replace many older pieces of equipment, some as old as the mall itself. It will take the next step in efficiency, gaining state-of-the art technology and modern building controls that allow building operators to optimize building comfort and efficiency.

Food Court As the focal point of the third level of Lloyd Center, the Food Court will receive an updated look with a focus on upgrading the dining experience.

This popular shopping amenity will feature a larger contiguous floor area for seating. New tables, chairs and benches will be strategically positioned in groups to form welcoming dining areas.

Each of the Food Court units will be updated with new wood-treated facades and colorful graphics. Ice Rink Finally, the famous Lloyd Center Ice Rink is slated to be reconfigured and upgraded with the rest of the interior improvements. Featuring a more traditional oval design, it will be shifted to the east and become the central attraction of a newly revamped Center Court.

The rink will be visible from all three levels where balconies overlook from three concentric oval cut-outs in the floor plan. The existing chalet will be reworked, too.

The existing ice-making equipment related to the rink dates back to the opening of the mall, and will be upgraded to new, energy-efficient technology for optimal efficiency.Top 10 Places For Teens To Hangout In Bangalore.

By admin. Posted on 7 November, 0. This luxury mall is for those teens who love to soak in exclusivity and stylishness. It is a one-stop shopping destination for high-end brands – so whether its cosmetics, accessories, bags, clothes, electronic gizmos this is where you need to be.

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Trudging along for over 30 years, Mall left an indelible mark on shoppers located on the east side of Portland, Oregon. The mall opened in anchored by Montgomery Ward and White Front department stores, with enclosed in-line space between them. White Front went out of business in the late s, but the mall didn’t suffer.

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For teenagers, the mall is a major hangout. You can buy your clothes, video games, and pretty much anything else there. You might take a date to the movies or to dinner there. September Keep on Bookin' New on the Border Book Shelf. Tumblewords Project — The free writing workshops are a.m.

to p.m.

The mall has become the major hangout for teenagers

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