The theme of masonry in a

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The theme of masonry in a

Grand Lodge Grand Lodges and Grand Orients are independent and sovereign bodies that govern Masonry in a given country, state, or geographical area termed a jurisdiction. There is no single overarching governing body that presides over worldwide Freemasonry; connections between different jurisdictions depend solely on mutual recognition.

The largest single jurisdiction, in terms of membership, is the United Grand Lodge of England with a membership estimated at around a quarter million. Each Grand Lodge maintains a list of other Grand Lodges that it recognises. When two Grand Lodges are not in amity, inter-visitation is not allowed.

There are many reasons one Grand Lodge will withhold or withdraw recognition from another, but the two most common are Exclusive Jurisdiction and Regularity.

If two Grand Lodges claim jurisdiction over the same area, the other Grand Lodges will have to choose between them, and they may not all decide to recognise the same one. Infor example, the Grand Lodge of New York split into two rival factions, each claiming to be the legitimate Grand Lodge.

The theme of masonry in a

Other Grand Lodges had to choose between them until the schism was healed. Regular Masonic jurisdictions Regularity is a concept based on adherence to Masonic Landmarksthe basic membership requirements, tenets and rituals of the craft. Each Grand Lodge sets its own definition of what these landmarks are, and thus what is Regular and what is Irregular and the definitions do not necessarily agree between Grand Lodges.

Essentially, every Grand Lodge will hold that its landmarks its requirements, tenets and rituals are Regular, and judge other Grand Lodges based on those.

If the differences are significant, one Grand Lodge may declare the other "Irregular" and withdraw or withhold recognition.

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The Grand Lodge should be established by an existing regular Grand Lodge, or by at least three regular Lodges. A belief in a supreme being and scripture is a condition of membership.

Initiates should take their vows on that scripture. Only men can be admitted, and no relationship exists with mixed Lodges. The Grand Lodge has complete control over the first three degrees, and is not subject to another body.

All Lodges shall display a volume of scripture with the square and compasses while in session.

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There is no discussion of politics or religion. Masonic bodies and List of Masonic Rites Blue Lodge Freemasonry offers only three traditional degrees, and in most jurisdictions, the rank of past or installed master.

Master Masons are also able to extend their Masonic experience by taking further degrees, in appendant bodies approved by their own Grand Lodge.

This system is popular in North America and in Continental Europe.

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Templar and Cryptic Masonry also exist. Ritual and symbolism Main article:The Masonic Ten Commandments (OCR of Figure 12 pic) When we remember that the adept in Masonry gain more knowledge from symbols than from plain statements of their sacred writings we should be aware that certain key symbols are included which will unlock these depths of meaning.

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The theme of masonry in a

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Download Free Version Free Version Demo. Free Version is Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge ofPa. MWGM Melvin A. Alston Sr No Freemasonry and The Magic Flute in Mozart's Vienna Mozart joined a Masonic Lodge in the autumn of at the age of twenty-eight and .

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