Thesis on power quality control

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Thesis on power quality control

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Download PDF Abstract Power quality is a set of electrical boundaries that allows a piece of equipment to function in its intended manner without significant loss of performance or life expectancy.

All electrical devices are prone to failure when exposed to one or more power quality problems. The electrical device might be an electric motor, a transformer, a generator, a computer, a printer, communication equipment, or a household appliance. All of these devices and others react adversely to power quality issues depending on the severity of problems.

This paper reviewed the power quality problems, effect of power quality problem in different apparatuses and methods for its correction. Some power quality enhancement devices are also listed.

It is necessary for engineers, technicians, and system operators to become familiar with power quality issues. The widespread use of electronic equipment, such as information technology equipment, power electronics such as adjustable speed drives ASDprogrammable logic controllers PLCenergy-efficient lighting etc led to a complete change of electric loads nature.

These loads are simultaneously the major causers and the major victims of power quality problems [1]. Due to their non-linearity, all these loads cause disturbances in the voltage waveform. Along with technology advance, the organization of the worldwide economy has evolved towards globalization and the profit margins of many activities tend to decrease.

The increased sensitivity of the vast majority of processes industrial, services and even residential to PQ problems turns the availability of electric power with quality a crucial factor for competitiveness in every activity sector. The most critical areas are the continuous process industry and the information technology services [2].

The performance of electronic devices is directly linked to the power quality level in a facility. The electric power industry comprises electricity generation AC powerelectric power transmission and ultimately electricity distribution to an electricity meter located at the premises of the end user of the electric power.

The electricity then moves through the wiring system of the end user until it reaches the load. The complexity of the system to move electric energy from the point of production to the point of consumption combined with variations in weather, generation, demand and other factors provide many opportunities for the quality of supply to be compromised [3].

There are many ways in which electric power can be of poor quality and many more causes of such poor quality power. Some of the most common power supply problems and their likely effect on sensitive equipment: The most common cause is heavy electrical equipment being turned off.

Under these conditions, computer systems and other high tech equipment can experience flickering lights, equipment shutoff, errors or memory loss. Possible Solutions are surge suppressors, voltage regulators, uninterruptable power supplies, power conditioners[4].

Voltage sag [5, 6] is a reduction in the supply voltage magnitude followed by a voltage recovery after a short period of time.

The major cause of voltage dips on a supply system is a fault on the system, i. Other sources are the starting of large loads and, occasionally, the supply of large inductive loads [6]. The impact on consumers may range from the annoying non-periodic light flicker to the serious tripping of sensitive loads and stalling of motors.

Under voltages Excessive network loading, loss of generation, incorrectly set transformer taps and voltage regulator malfunctions, causes under voltage.

Loads with a poor power factor or a general lack of reactive power support on a network also contribute. Under voltage can also indirectly lead to overloading problems as equipment takes an increased current to maintain power output e.

High-Voltage Spikes High-voltage spikes occur when there is a sudden voltage peak of up to 6, volts. These spikes are usually the result of nearby lightning strikes, but there can be other causes as well.

The effects on vulnerable electronic systems can include loss of data and burned circuit boards. Frequency Variation A frequency variation involves a change in frequency from the normally stable utility frequency of 50 or 60 Hz, depending on your geographic location. This may be caused by erratic operation of emergency generators or unstable frequency power sources.

For sensitive equipment, the results can be data loss, program failure, equipment lock-up or complete shutdown. Power Sag Power sags are a common power quality problem. Despite being a short duration 10ms to 1s event during which a reduction in the RMS voltage magnitude takes place, a small reduction in the system voltage can cause serious consequences.

Sages are usually caused by system faults, and often the result of switching on loads with high demand startup currents.AVL is the number one global partner for high precision manufacturing for leading OEMs, prototype manufactures and premium motorsport teams.

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Phd Thesis Power Quality Improvement

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Thesis on power quality control

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